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Contemplative Photography Course Information

Overview of the five week online course

  • A Five Week Course

    In this course we meet live via online video or via phone (if your bandwidth does not support video).

    During the meetings learning will be presented and then we will have small group breakouts to facilitate and review the learning.

  • Online Class Schedule

    The class will meet every Saturday at 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM from June 6 - July 12M, with the exception of July 4th.

    Classes are recorded in the event that you have a schedule conflict with one of the dates.

    During this course we will be practicing and learning during the live class as well as doing work at home; either outside or within the place where you live.

  • Peer Review Discussion

    Throughout this course you will be developing your skills in awareness, mindfulness, and photography. You will be building a portfolio of work to express the special moment that you experience.

    Participants share their work in a private forum and receive feedback and ideas from their peers.

Course Curriculum


  • 01

    Contemplative Photography

    • Week 1 of 5 - Zoom Meeting

  • 02

    What is Contemplative Photography - Week One

    • Start Here -Contemplative Photography Guidelines

    • Getting Started - Lets Get Acquainted

    • How we approach everyday life

    • Experiencing Life Just as it is Lesson One

  • 03

    What is Mindfulness and What Does it Have to Do With Me? - Week Two

    • Week 2 of 5 Zoom Meeting

    • What is Mindfulness?

    • Experiencing Life Just as it is Lesson 2

  • 04

    Re-Learning to See - Week Three

    • Week 3 of 5 Zoom Meeting

    • Learning To See - A non-standard way of seeing the mundane

    • Seeing Like the Owl

    • Hearing Like the Deer

    • Smelling Like a Dog

    • Feeling Like a Raccoon

  • 05

    Contemplative Exploration - Week Four

    • Week 4 of 5 Zoom Meeting

    • Exploring Textures

    • Exploring Color

  • 06

    Photographic Expression - Week Five

    • Our Final Weekly Zoom Meeting

    • Exploring Touch Through the Eyes

    • Photography as Expression

    • Forming the Equivalent

  • 07

    Wrapping the Bundle

    • Bringing It All Together

Course Enrollment

Combine mindfulness and open awareness with the art of photography